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Hale Derma Spray 2 oz


When produced externally, HOCl is a solution created through electrolysis that deactivates pathogens. HOCl is a natural component of our internal defense system, generated by white blood cells. SUITABLE FOR SKIN CLEANSING BEFORE AND AFTER TREATMENT.

Briotech Topical Skin Spray serves as an ideal cosmetic remedy to calm and reinforce your skin's innate defenses — beneficial for all areas of skin!

  • Neutralize pathogens through oxidation
  • Deactivate toxins
  • Enhance coagulation process
  • Stimulate fibroblasts and expedite migration
  • Promote microcirculation
  • Inhibit tissue-damaging enzymes hindering healing
  • Diminish local inflammation and regulate excessive inflammation
  • Interfere with local pain receptors directly
  • Boost immune responses
  • Eradicate pathogens within 15 seconds

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