Alastin Restorative Neck Complex with TriHex Technology®

  • This advanced skin tightener is formulated for firming treatment on the neck and décolleté area, targeting issues like crepey skin and photo-aged discoloration.
  • Incorporates TriHex Technology® for effective skincare.
  • Features:
    • Enhances the appearance of crepey skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.
    • Reduces the appearance of redness and discoloration.
    • Boosts skin hydration.
    • Collaborates with the skin to eliminate damaged elastin and collagen.
    • Supports the generation of new, healthy elastin and collagen.
    • Synergizes with neck tightening, toning, and pigmentation removal procedures.

    Size: 1.7 Fl. Oz. 50 mL

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