Alastin- Procedure Enhancement System with TriHex Technology®

  • Description:

    • An all-in-one set crafted to aid in skin preparation and expedite results when utilized before and after cosmetic treatments.
  • Kit Includes:

    • Regenerating Skin Nectar: Assists in priming the skin before a cosmetic treatment and reduces recovery time afterward.
    • Ultra Calm Cleansing Cream: A creamy cleanser that delicately purifies and soothes the skin while promoting hydration.
    • Ultra Light Moisturizer: Formulated to optimize treatment outcomes by fostering an ideal, healthy environment to enhance the skin's appearance post-cosmetic treatment.
    • SilkSHIELD All-Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30: Broad-spectrum sunscreen offering protection against UVA/UVB, IR rays, pollution, and blue light.

    Kit Includes:

    Regenerating Skin Nectar (full size) - 1.0 Fl. Oz. 29.6 mL | Ultra Light Moisturizer (travel size) - 1.0 Fl. Oz. 59.1 mL | Ultra Calm Cleansing Cream (travel size) - 1.8 Fl. Oz. 53.2 mL | SilkSHIELD All Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 (full size) - 1.9 Fl Oz. 53.8 mL



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