Capilia- Fine or thinning hair for women

  • Description:

    • Tailored for women.
  • Benefits:

    • Utilizes 100% natural active ingredients such as milk protein, amino acids, and vitamin B6.
    • Aims to counteract hair loss by stimulating dermal papilla cells, promoting new vitality in hair, and revitalizing the scalp.
    • The Intense Volume shampoo and conditioner complement the Fine & Thinning hair shampoo and serum, providing additional density and shine to fine hair.

High concentration of 100% natural active ingredients
Without mineral oil 
Without silicone

Contains: Fine and thinning hair shampoo (250ml)
Intense Volume shampoo (250ml)
Intense Volume conditioner (250ml)
Fine and thinning hair serum (90ml)

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